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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring break

Well, spring break is over and I am about to start up another week of classes. It's funny how a break or time away from the regular job is like osmosis and other things rush in to fill space. I spent the week, however, doing something that I really enjoy by building a new built in cabinet and display case for the front window of the gallery. Glass inset in the top, and a shelf splitting the case, it will be a nice way to show more expensive jewelry as well as objects in the front window. We will be teaming up with our sister shop in town due to some well needed renovations in the other building, and come April will be a dynamic duo operating out of the same space. With that joining of forces there was some needed infrastructural development that needed to happen which was where I came in. Doing things like this is like a big math problem and really enjoy figuring out how to make things work. I do become a bit conflicted though about being out of the studio for that week off, but I can manage the eight to two am studio shifts after the crew has gone to bed. I came across Sequoia Miller's blog the other day which had some interesting comments on the ideas of being both in and out of the studio. He was referring to how the computer and blogging activity in a way seemed to detract from the productivity in the studio, but in a way it was no different than making pots. He stated that he was a producer of experiences, both functional ones and written ones through his blog presence, (which I suppose is just as functional) and I found this to be quite interesting. I have hoped that through my pots, the classroom, as well as now through the gallery, that I am an educator. I hope to educate people on the importance of objects and the role that objects play in our place in the world. I also really appreciate the act of doing something with skill and I want to be able to apply that to anything that I do. I too am bothered by being out of the studio especially when so many thoughts and ideas are going through my head that need to be addressed. There are a few deadline that are looming on the horizon which should light a fire under me, but it is indeed hard to juggle all of these things. It'll be nice once the shops are settled and work is in place. If anyone is in the area on April 9th come on by between 7 - 9:00 to Imagine That in Skaneateles NY. There will be a great Old time String Band "The Usual Suspects" (me on banjo) playing, refreshments will be served and lots of great work will be on display.

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