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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Old Work...

"Yellow Cup Bucket" Earthenware and Cast Porcelain, 2005

"Elevated Cup Tray" Earthenware and Cast Porcelain, 2005

After last nights post I thought I should go through some old images and see what I came across of the older, cast work of mine. This was one of the pieces from my graduate thesis show in which I was making these buckets and tool caddies to carry porcelain slip-cast plastic solo cups. There were a number of cup shapes, most of which I could get at the grocery store, and a two liter bottle that were used in the pieces. The tables were clay as well, with cast legs to give the reference back to the domestic space as a space for ritual use. The buckets seem to be the thing that I held on to as I kept making work, but have been known to pull out the old molds and cast a few cups for special occasions. I was thinking about the way that material can change a persons perception about an object, and that importance can be added through a transformation of material. I was also thinking about how a specific material, like clay, can build awareness of action through the use of an object. For instance, someone using a disposable cup would be less apt to consciously think about the act of using therefore losing the chance to be aware of ones actions, the moment and the ritual. It was also a tongue in cheek comment on the ideas of consumption as in material, and the act of consumption as in food. Ahhhhh... graduate school. I really do like looking back though and seeing how the work has evolved. Seeing all of the references be boiled down into something that is a little more subtle, and still in line with my ideas about pots. Always fun. Enjoy the start to the end of the weekend. I am on spring break next week so the studio will be a busy place. Cheers

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