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Artist Statement

Familiarity evokes memory and I look to this association to present nostalgia through form.  My reference to rural American architecture and antique rural implements places the viewer in a familiar setting which is layered with time, function and history while color creates celebration in these iconic objects.  The vessel forms tie these objects back to the domestic space, enriching ones living environment while allowing for quiet contemplation and a reminder of a simpler time.  The colors used refer to milk painted surfaces, layered and stained by generations of use and steel tacks are placed in the clay surface to give a direct connection to ideas of construction and joinery.   The tray/containers relate to buckets, tool caddies, tool boxes, connecting the ritual back to the everyday, creating a connection to the importance of our most simple actions.  I believe that we need to re-connect to what is around us, people, objects and community.  My work is meant to be the catalyst for those connections.