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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Work at Charlie Cummings Gallery for "Cup: The Intimate Object VII"

I wanted to let any of those that don't know about the new show up at the Charlie Cummings Gallery in Gainesville, FL, it is amazing and you should check it out as soon as possible.  Charlie has put together a phenomenal collection of cups from somewhere around one hundred and fifty artists to have a cup show with over six hundred cups in all.  Not to mention the logistical nightmare of all of those cups coming in at once,  to photograph and post all of them for the masses to see and buy, and to have such a great group of potters is awesome.  I'm honored to be a part of it.  I have included a few of the cups that I sent for the show, all of the photos are taken by the gallery and are great shots.  
I have been having fun with making these hipped cup forms for a little while now and they're really engaging me.  I am really interested in the new movement and energy that they put out and also how the surfaces can have an even greater dialogue with the form, texture and new movement.  I haven't put many out into the world yet, but they're heading there now and we will see how they're received.  

Here's the link to my page:  Cup: The Intimate Object VII.

I am also still really exited about how these pots have such a strong profile but are really flattening out more and more.  There is this Flatiron building in downtown Syracuse that I drove past the other day and have looked at a lot in the past, but there is a certain point that you can stand while looking at the building, and due to a shift in the end of the architecture the building almost looks like a paper cutout.  The building completely flattens out in such an illusionistic way that it is very disorienting.  I love that.  I want some of my pots to have that same quality, and that same strong profile and these are starting to really do that.  I like when the studio energy is really crackling. 

I really need to have that energy going right now as the spring is really stacking up.  I have gotten in to two more retail craft shows in the first half of the year.  One of which is the Craft-boston Spring show that I did last year and really enjoyed.  It will be interesting to do it again and not have the enormous overhead of making a booth, travel and truck rental, etc. that made the profit from sales of work practically null.  I am also going to do the Paradise City show in Northampton, MA on memorial day weekend so i should have a full schedule with just that.  I know what my winter break will consist of this semester break, and I can't wait.  Bring it on.

Thanks to Charlie Cummings for the great photos.  My hopes to a great show.