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Monday, March 15, 2010

Martha's old time Jam, March 2010

Here are some clips from the most recent Old Time Jam at Joan Rooks-Mietz's place over in Manlius NY, which also took place over spring break which was great as I was able to get there on time. These people are some of the most interesting and enjoyable people I have ever had the pleasure of playing tunes with and every time we get together great times and tunes ensue. There is something to be said for sitting around the living room playing old tunes the way they should be. I was asked by the woman that taught me how to play banjo, before we sat down and played for the first time what type of music I wanted to play. She said "If you want to play music that fits right in with a bunch of people playing around the kitchen then you're in the right place." She sure was right. When I moved back from Florida I found two people, Dave Karam and Martha Jenks, to play music with and from that, our regular monthly Jam got started. Martha graciously opened her house each month for people to come and play old time music. She passed away almost a year ago, yet the music get-together as well as the tunes we played plus a number of forgotten new ones have lived on. There will always be a seat for Martha and we all hear that great rhythm guitar whenever we play. It's a great time and I always look forward to the second wednesday of the month. Old Time's the same but different. "What tune was that?"

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