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Monday, February 4, 2013

New website up and running
Just wanted to spread the word and let you all know that my new website is posted, live and updated with new images and info. New for 2013 is the development of a shopping cart on the site which will soon feature a number of available pieces, one of a kind pottery as well as a few new lines that I have been working on that are a little more production minded. Please stay tuned and give me your feedback...most will be listened too. I'll keep you informed on the site as well as here about upcoming events, but the two sites are linked so posts that I make here will also post there. Ahhhh technology, a wonderful thing. I hope that 2013 proves to be a successful, productive, and creative year for you all. Cheers, and be sure to stop back often to see what's going on.
Visit to see the site. All image info will be added soon, and a few tweaks need to still be made, all in due time. Thanks to everyone for stopping.

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