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Monday, February 25, 2013

Neat/Whiskey Vessel exhibition catalog on-line.

The exhibition catalog for the Lillstreet Gallery show "Neat": The Art of the Whiskey Vessel is now online for your enjoyment. Published by Issuu, the layout and ease of interaction makes this a really slick format.  The use of the e-book format I think is one that we will see more of in the future as the interface is both conducive for personal/home design as well as easy publication options.  I am really interested in the user interface design type design models out there as it makes it easy for those with a design sense to put out some really outstanding professional materials.

"Neat": The Art of the Whiskey Vessel"

Lillstreet Gallery really did an awesome job with all parts of this show, from publicity to promotional materials, to catalog and opening events.  I am really exited to have been a part of this show.  The catalog is available in print by contacting the gallery here:  Lillstreet Gallery


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