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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kiln coming down!

So we have been in the middle of a house and studio move for the past month or so, which I wouldn't recommend to those who have a number of deadlines in the studio, but the lure of land and family has pulled us to the country.
The studio is still operational, but the soda kiln needed to be relocated. I wasn't too sure how successful the disassembly was going to be as we have been spraying six pounds of soda per firing for the past five years or so, but the majority of the brick came free with no problem.

It's hard to remember after six years how many brick it took to build a kiln, but having to move it again is a full reminder. I think I'm still recovering. Satisfying to do, but man I'm paying for it.

Someone is going to have a sweet BBQ patio for sure, with direct line right to the natural gas. As I get through a redesign of the kiln and get to building I'll post more pictures of the progress. Having so much room, and the ability to build to suit, I am pumped to be able to work in a number of sustainable attributes to make the studio a lot less impactive. More to come soon.


  1. Amazed at how orderly that looks. The last time I took a kiln down it was with a sledge hammer!

  2. I'm with you! I would not recommend either of those things either and throw in some kids..well you have recipe for disaster ( which was basically this potters life this year). Good luck to you guys, I hope your move and studio work completion goes much smoother! Jen