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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Morning cup of coffee

These are the mornings that I love. The semester is barreling down, and the pressures of getting things ordered, meetings getting scheduled and upcoming registration, new schedules, new syllabi etc are all crowding my mind, but then there are the things that remind you that the moment itself is awesome.
I am a firm believer that the handmade cup can save the world, and this morning was no different. Today's choice is a great Victoria Christien mug which is one of my recent favorites. But while I sat at the table, with the sounds of the kids coloring in the other room, I was reminded why I love where I live. At this point in the year you get a slight hint of the changing of the seasonal weather patterns. It's colder at night and the new crop of foods beginning to be harvested. The beauty of fresh local peaches and the first picked Paula red apples is a great example. Summer and fall are intermingling, and they are sitting on my dining room table smiling at me.

The kiln is being fired now, getting prepped and ready for the journey Monday to Ohio to begin production on the DVD. New work in the kiln is exiting and it has been nice to be able work on some new shapes recently and I like the things that are happening in the studio lately. Things will be out and assembled tomorrow, and I'll try to post some images before heading to Columbus. The coolness if the night was evident in the fog across the road from the house and studio, and the morning sun lit everything up is a great way. The perfect start to the day, all starting as usual with a good cup of coffee.

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