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Friday, August 12, 2011

Filming for American Ceramic Society

I am going to try this blog updating thing a bit more regularly, although I do keep saying that, and hopefully I will be a bit better at sharing some thoughts, updates and developments with everyone out there. The studio and life have been busy, and I have been currently getting ready for the upcoming filming of an instructional DVD that will be filmed by the Ceramics Monthly/American Ceramics Society about my process and techniques. I filmed the short version during a workshop at Funke Fired Arts in Cincinnati back in march, check it out here, and was asked afterward to do one that was full length and much deeper in content and process. It so far has been an interesting yet different experience from some of the regular studio processes. In preparation for it I been building the work in triplicate so that I can get things to various stages of completion and then will build them again for the film. I am the type of maker that never seems to make the "same" work multiple times. I have pots that I make consistently, but I am constantly tweaking shapes or playing with proportions, forms and volumes and color are always evolving. I have also been working with some templates recently to assist is some more geometric or calculated shapes so for this process I has been a good tool for multiples.
I find that it is good process to work in series, I can see the smaller nuances in the forms that I am working on. New forms come from this and the process evolves repeatedly and some really informative things emerge. This process has been the opposite. I have been particular about size and dimension, height, volume and measurement and I am trying to make things so that I can do the Julia Childs from cake batter to cake in no wait time, and it will seem to the viewer that I am working on one piece start to finish, being fast tracked to keep it condensed and interesting.

I am pretty excited by this new shape that I am working on. I have always been interested in implements and other non-ceramic utilitarian objects and references have always shown up in the work. Bu this pot is a little bi more literal. I found draftsman's plans for tin forming and there were some diagrams for flared tin pans. I have been wanting to make some bucket forms for a while, and this bucket is a variation on that tin pan shape. It will get a bail type handle and a ceramic handle grip. I'm sure I will develop over the next little while, but it will make it's debut in the video. Until next time, cheers.


  1. Dude, seriously. I know you are busy. But you can be more on it with the blog. It is not like you have two kids or anything, play music, dream of fishing, teach ceramics, make ceramics, etc. etc. Get your priorities straight, quit telling us you are going to blog and actually get to blogging!
    By the way, fishing the Kenai tomorrow. you should join!

  2. Thanks for reading this thing Sam, at least someone does. Wish I could be there on the Kenai with you.