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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Morning Cup of Coffee

Sitting here this morning with my morning cup of coffee while watching my daughter play with blocks I realize that I am watching our innate nature to create. What is it that causes us to make things, and imagine such large things from the creation of those objects. I am also thinking about what causes some of us to hang on to this child like imagination as we grow into adults that still desire to make things. I am driven to make things, both art and music. I want those things to go out into the world and infect the people that encounter them not to mention have those object integrate into a personal landscape somewhere that is not my own and not familiar to me. If these desires are genetic or physiological than I am exited for my daughter because she is showing that interest with reckless abandon. Everyday I see new developments and interests in her that blow my mind. The ultimate in creativity.

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