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Monday, February 15, 2010

Glaze Mixing Service?

I came across this site not too long ago and was wondering about it a little more lately as I have a number of glazes that need to be mixed/tested. I know for many including myself, that the space to have glaze materials handy for glaze mixing is not really a reality, not to mention the cost of said materials. I also have many colorants and materials that are pretty toxic and housing them makes me a little itchy even though I do have them on hand. But after perusing this site to see what it offered was pretty intrigued by the premise. Basically they are offering to mix you glaze by recipe specs that you as the artist provide, and for a $12.95 per 25lbs. flat rate they will ship your dry batch, mixed and ready to wet down and use. I would probably test before using as I don't even trust my own mixing habits sometimes, but it seems like an interesting idea for me at least. It also looks as though you would pay current going rate on materials, so the markup is slight and I'm sure that the flat rate would include labor, but this could be the solution to limited space and a glaze materials storage space. If anyone out there has any experience with this or another company let me know as my curiousity has been stimulated. Cheers.

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