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Friday, July 30, 2010

"Drink" upcomming show at Roswell Art Center West.


  1. I'm looking forward to the opening of this show tomorrow night! I worked as an apprentice at ACW for a couple of years and actually have cups in the show as well -- It'll be great to see your work -- & your wife's work! I understand you guys are doing a show there this fall as well.

  2. Yes, we're doing one there in september. We are busily making right now for it, and things seem to be going well. I have heard good things about AJ and the studio, and have a friend, Connor Mckissak there now helping out. He was a fellow grad at UF when I was there. Hopefully I can get down there and check it out sometime. I am looking forward to the show being up on line so I can see the work as well. Looks like some nice work by the names roster. Cheers!

  3. Your pieces (and your wife's) look great at the Drink show! AJ does great things for ACW & is a champ to work with. I have met Connor -but do you also know Beau (Raymond)? -- another UF graduate - you guys are everywhere - lol