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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The chickens have come home to roost!

Well, we have taken the first steps towards our small gentlemans farm here in our little piece of the village in Tully NY. I went down to pick up the newly arrived chicks, ready to bring them home and get them set up in the studio. I laugh because Linda Arbuckle always kept her chicks in the studio in the brooding box to get them big and strong. They seem to be a happy bunch, already eating and drinking and running around the box. I got them home after Aurora was already in bed, and it is super exiting thinking about taking her out to the studio tomorrow to let her check them out. She has been clucking lately in preparation for them to arrive. Too bad she is only two or I would have her helping me build the coop. We got four Rhode Island Reds which are good for laying (actually we ended up with five), four Black Australorps, and three Araucanas. The first two are great layers and the Araucanas lay nice bluish green eggs so there is a bit of variety. This will be the first of many posts I'm sure of the development of our little clutch of hens. I'll have to get used to sharing the studio again, but the peep of little chickens will be fun as I am out there working. I'll put up the advance signup list for egg takers. We will definitely be eating a bunch of eggs before too long. Cheers!


  1. Hoorah. I miss our chickens.

  2. Hey J, we love our chickens, too. This year we got some already laying hens, and 10 R.I. Reds. The kids love 'em. I have a "thing" for Auracaunas, but be warned, they are more "wild" than other breeds and tend to hide their eggs. If you free range at all, you'll be hunting for them. We often found ours under the chicken coop... and when we built it I had no idea that they could fit under there! I wasn't allowed to get any this year... :( DH said he actually *wants* the eggs. Geesh.

  3. Chickens are fun Jeremy. Ours' free ranged and could be pests at times, always trying get into my studio to steal the cat My cat actually likes to kill mice and leave them just outside the door, the chickens caught on to this and would eat the mice! Weird! When you get some eggs you have to try hard boiling them, crack up the shell a good bit, and then toss on a smoker for a couple of hours, delish!