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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Newly completed fiberglass 3 weight

Just wanted to add a couple of images of the long awaited custom 3 weight fiberglass fly rod. I had all intent on having this finished before the end of the year last year, and as per usual only a few months late. I did want to do it right and really thought it through fully before making any decisions. I already have the itch to make the next one, although I have a bamboo rod to recondition and change up a bit so that might be the one. This was my first rod build project, and there are some things that I would do differently next time, but all in all I am pumped to get out on the water this spring and throw some loops. It is such a soft rod that I can already tell through some grass casting that it is going to be super fun to fish and extremely sensitive and responsive. Here's to tight lines!

1 comment:

  1. beautiful, you should head down to PA and christen it on the Yellow Breeches and the Letort with us this weekend!